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About Maxart/Cass Studio

Maxart, a fictional manufacturing company is created by Maximilian Smoot, all Maxart products are made by Max in Roseburg, Oregon. 

Maxart started out as a T-shirt booth at the Roseburg Farmers Market in 2010 and since then has distributed countless T-shirts, stickers, buttons, custom illustrations, custom print jobs and original art to the Roseburg community and beyond. 

"Maxart will take over the media and the economy!"

Cass Studio is the print room and work space of Maxart. Cass Studio is more of a collaborative entity and offers a variety of creative services such as custom design, screen printing, button making, other production, airbrush art, street art, murals, sign painting, pop-up shops, face-painting, art workshops and live art demonstrations. Cass Studio began as a collective art space and headquarters of Maxart, since then the long defunct space has been vacated and displaced capital has been set up elsewhere in Roseburg. Some components of Cass Studio are mobile and can be temporarily set up anywhere upon request.

All items listed are designed, produced and guaranteed by Max Smoot in Roseburg, Oregon USA. Please allow a week or two for delivery unless otherwise specified, local delivery may be an option for customers in the Roseburg area. 

Don't hesitate to email Max if more information is needed or if you're interested in ordering products or services.

Email: maximiliansmoot@gmail.com